Superattic System Review ~ Dr. Energy Saver



The SuperAttic system is proprietary to Dr. Energy Saver (company website). They aim to add insulation to your rafters instead of the attic floor.

Since most people  install flooring for additional storage space in the attic, here is highlighting the system.

The system uses SilverGlo rigid foam insulation panels to insulate and seal the attic. The insulation goes under the rafters, and if you have a gable roof, it would also go inside the gable’s ends.

It creates a continuous  insulation layer that does not allow thermal bridging (where a material like a wall stud transfers energy from outside to inside). This insulation layer is also sealed to create an air barrier.

Lastly, the insulation acts as a radiant barrier with the help of foil facing. Another benefit of the SuperAttic system is that it still provides roof venting while it seals the attic.

The air barrier is on the interior, and the rafter cavity is vented from the eaves to the ridge. This helps prevent ice damming in cold climates.

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