Fascinating Succulent With Humanlike Lips: Conophytum pageae

This amazing succulent is on the run from poachers!

Conophytum pageae is a cute little succulent known as Lips Plant, Cone Plant, Button Plant, or Dumplings due to its unique shape and growth habit.

It is an excellent choice for beginning gardeners because it is easy to grow if given the proper care.

A tiny plant that grows in rocky soil and outcroppings in southern Namibia and the Cape provinces of South Africa. They have been illegally poached, and some populations have almost been eliminated.

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 They're thought to have sedative properties from a mesembrine alkaloid, their uses extend almost exclusively to the horticultural trade.


Grow outside in warm regions in rock gardens, alpine gardens, stone walls, and containers. Indoors, they make excellent houseplants if given the proper care.


Conophytums love bright light, but not direct, harsh, afternoon sun that can burn their tissues. Set them in a bright window out of the direct sun.


These plants can handle a range of temperatures from very hot to almost freezing. They can grow in temperatures down to 35° F.


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We explain more about how to grow the unique succulent Conophytum pageae indoors.

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Amazing example of how nature can sustain itself.