Store-Bought Rose Begins to Shockingly Grow Instead of Die



After bringing home a cut rose from the store, it miraculously started growing new shoots. It was refusing to die. 

So a Reddit user posted the thread: “I bought a cut rose a few weeks ago and it started to grow instead die.” to figure out what was happening.

Store Bought Roses Can Come Back to Life

To their surprise, many in the group confirmed that store-bought roses could come back to life and be grown again through various methods.

Grandpa’s Creative Rooting Method and Using Fruits and Vegetables

Older generations were very wise in growing plants. One user shares how their grandpa propagated roses: “My grandpa taught me years ago that if you stick that in the ground with a jar over it for a month or so, it will take root and grow.

Rose Varieties That Work Best

A user shared one variety that should work well for beginners using this method: “Knock out roses are some of the easiest shrubs to grow and produce constant roses from late spring all the way until, basically, the temps get consistently low or first freeze.”

Caution: Health Dangers and Poor Plant Growth

One user highlights the health issues that could come from growing roses: “I am telling you as a warning. I have been put in the hospital from a fungus, virus, and bacteria all from roses all at once. No joke.

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