Steam Bent Cedar Shingles



Roofs are one of the most critical components in a home- and shingles play a large part.  Preferably, you want a durable natural material that will last a long time.  That is where steam bent cedar shingles come in.

Steam bent shingles are unique and have a hand-crafted feel to them. They often feature curved edges and layered courses.

Benefits of Cedar Shingles

Steam bent cedar shingles are made from native cedar trees culled in the Pacific Northwest.  Due to the strength of the cedarwood and natural oils that resist decay, they offer excellent durability and can stand up to high winds and hail.

Unique Fairytale Style

Curved cedar shingles provide homes with a unique appearance reminiscent of something out of the pages of a fairytale. Because of the curving patterns that alternate between every row of shingles, it evokes the past of European villages.

Installing and Maintaining

Steam bent shingles are installed similar to regular cedar shakes (PDF). One of the main differences between a cedar roof is how the roofing felt gets installed. Asphalt shingled roofs usually cover the entire sheathing with a layer of felt, then install their shingles.

Time & Cost

This is a very time-intensive project. So it should be approached with caution if trying to do it yourself. If you hire a contractor to do this type of roof, be prepared for estimates higher than asphalt. 

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