Snow Queen vs Marble Queen Pothos (Plant Breakdown by a Pro)

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Marble Queen and Snow Queen are both beautiful, highly variegated cultivars of Pothos or Devil’s Ivy. They are so similar that many have asked about the differences.

7 Key Differences Between Marble Queen And Snow Queen

Let's explore what makes these pothos plants different:

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The most significant visible difference between the two is the size of the leaves and the amount and pattern of variegation.

1. Appearance

Marble Queen has more green in its leaves. True to its name, its leaves have a marbled appearance of about 50% green and 50% creamy white color.

2. Marble Queen

Snow Queen has considerably more variegation, mostly white with irregular, random splashes of green, and is slightly more pointed.

3. Snow Queen

Since Marble Queen has more green chlorophyll in its leaves than Snow Queen, it can photosynthesize at a higher rate and grow more quickly.

4. Growth Rate

Marble Queen can capture more light energy for photosynthesis than Snow Queen since it has more green chlorophyll in its leaves.

5. Light Needs

Marble Queen will need more soil and a larger pot than Snow Queen since it can use more nutrients.

6. Soil Needs

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