Snow Queen vs. Marble Queen Pothos (Plant Breakdown by a Pro)



Marble Queen and Snow Queen are both beautiful, highly variegated cultivars of Pothos or Devil’s Ivy. They are so similar that many have asked about the differences or whether they are even the same plant.

The answer is that they are indeed two different Pothos cultivars – Epipremnum aureum’ Marble Queen’, and Epipremnum aureum’ Snow Queen’.

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7 Key Differences Between Marble Queen and Snow Queen

Growth Rate

Marble Queen and Snow Queen can grow up to 10 feet long or more indoors if they’re not pruned back, but it will take Snow Queen longer to reach the same length since it grows more slowly.


Lighting Requirements

Marble Queen can capture more light energy for photosynthesis than Snow Queen since it has more green chlorophyll in its leaves.



Marble Queen and Snow Queen grow well in average household temperatures of 65 to 75 degrees F. They can tolerate temperatures up to 90 but will die at temperatures below 50 degrees.


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