Snake Plant Not Growing? Here’s What to Do



As you’ve seen, healthy snake plants are pretty sensitive when their care conditions aren’t met. While relatively low-maintenance, they get stressed out quite easily, which can significantly slow down their growth.

Here are some common causes of a snake plant not growing. We also added a fix under each cause that can repair any significant issue.

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9 Causes Why Your Snake Plant Isn’t Growing & Fixes

Going Through a Dormant Stage

It’s common for these versatile plants to stop growing during the winter when light conditions aren’t sufficient to promote new snake plant growth. So, as with many other plants, especially succulents, they go dormant.


Not Enough  Light

Snake plants are usually described as ‘low-light plants.’ This is because they’ll do fine for long periods in low light conditions and continue to survive, provided they’re not overwatered.


Temperature Fluctuations

One of the most common causes why these indoor plants aren’t growing as fast as they should is that they’re placed in areas with temperatures either below 55℉ or more than 85℉.


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