Snake Plant Light Requirements: How Much Sunlight They Need



Snake plants produce long, cylindrical leaves that stretch up to three feet tall. In addition to their attractive, sword-like foliage, snake plants retain houseplant popularity because they will survive in low-light conditions.

How low can you go? Before you dim the lights, pay attention to snake plant light requirements.

Best Type of Sunlight for Indoor Snake Plants

Snake plants grow best in bright, indirect light. This plant can live up to 25 years in the right conditions. 

The Low Down on Low Light

Light availability can present a seemingly immovable obstacle for plant lovers. You can make adjustments to soil quality, moisture levels, pruning, and more. But no matter how much you care for your plant, you can’t do much to increase the availability of sunlight.

Understanding Light Conditions for Houseplants

- Bright Direct Light - Indirect Light - Low Light

Don’t Have Enough Natural Light for a Snake Plant? Use Artificial Light

When growing snake plants under artificial light, it is essential to use a light source that provides the right spectrum of light and amount for an appropriate amount of time each day.

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