Small Holes in Lawn Overnight? (Here’s Why + Solution)



After spending time and effort maintaining a lush green lawn, small holes should be the least of your worries. But unfortunately, small holes in a lawn are inevitable. These holes result from the activities of tiny critters and other animals.

It can be pretty frustrating to see these holes when you wake up, and it’s great that you’re learning how to maintain a lawn. This story is a comprehensive guide that will answer your most pressing questions.

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The Causes of Small Holes in Lawn Overnight

Hole Shape

The hole shape is usually a major determining factor in identifying the cause of holes in your lawn. Several animals bore different holes depending on their activity, and these holes may be in the form of burrows, mounds, and divots.


A burrow is a long, narrow tunnel dug by animals for habitation. Burrows are the most common holes left by yard or garden pests like rabbits, mice, snakes, and voles.


These are heap piles of  earth, soil, debris, or sand. Animals create these holes  when searching for food or shelter, and gophers and moles are culpable for digging mounds. 

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