Silvery Ann vs. Satin Pothos: Truth Revealed & Differences



The Scindapsus pictus is currently the hottest plant in town! And it’s no surprise why – this plant offers a variety of patterns and classic green and silver colors.

Let’s talk about the differences between  Silvery Ann vs. Satin Scindapsus pictus. What sets them apart are their leaves. Silvery Ann has more variegated leaves  than Satin, which has a more consistent pattern.

Are They Pothos or Scindapsus pictus?

Sometimes people incorrectly label Scindapsus pictus as Silvery Ann Pothos or Satin Pothos. But both plants are actually cultivars of Scindapsus pictus.

How The Plants Grow

Due to the lack of chlorophyll, Silvery Ann grows slowly and produces less energy from its leaves. As a result, the plant usually reaches a maximum height of 6 feet and a width of 3 feet when grown indoors. On the other hand, Silver Satin has larger leaves with more chlorophyll, making it a faster and more aggressive grower.

Leaf Color, Shape, and Size

Silvery Ann has a significantly larger area of chlorophyll-free tissue than its rival, resulting in a more disorganized design of silver variegations. In contrast, Silver Satin has less white tissue and a more uniform pattern.

Sun Requirements

Pothos plants like bright indirect light; the same goes for both Scindapsus pictus. This is because they are used to growing under the shade of  tall trees. So, they get a lot of indirect sunlight in their natural habitat due to the bright atmosphere.

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