Silvery Ann Pothos: An Elusive Beauty That’s Really Scindapsus Pictus



In the hunt for houseplants, a true silvery ann can be hard to find. But if you’re searching for elegant foliage, it’s worth the effort.

Silvery ann plants display oblong heart-shaped leaves mottled with silver spots. Their attractive silvery variegation deepens with age and sunlight.

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Care Guide for Silvery Ann Scindapsus Pictus

Pots and Potting Soil

You will only need to re-pot silvery ann once every two years. The exception is if you notice that the plant has become root bound or that the root ball has grown too big for the pot.


Lighting conditions not only impact how well this plant grows; they also change how the plant looks. If the plant does not receive enough sunlight, it can lose its silvery variegation.

Water and Moisture

As with many houseplants, too much water is often more deadly than too little water. Overwatering your silvery ann can lead to root rot and other diseases. As a general rule of thumb, you will need to water silvery ann once a week.

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