Silver* Satin Pothos: Intriguing ‘Shingling’ Plant Care Guide

Satin Pothos, is a beginner-friendly tropical houseplant with dark green leaves dappled with silvery streaks and splashes.

Versatile and incredibly adaptable, this is the kind of plant you can bring into your house and leave it to its own devices.

3 Best-Known Varieties of Satin Pothos

It has small, heart-shaped leaves with silver splashes of variegation. The name “Argyraeus” derives from Greek, meaning “silvery.”


Silvery Ann has larger leaves with a lighter, almost silvery green color. In addition, it has thicker clusters of variegation.

Silvery Ann

Unlike Argyraeus and Silvery Ann, it has large, oval-shaped leaves, thicker stems, and large splashes of variegation.


Common Problems to Avoid

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The ideal potting soil for this plant should have excellent drainage. Satin Pothos is deathly sensitive to root rot and won’t tolerate sitting in damp, soggy soil.

Root Rot

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