Should I Mist My Pothos? Misting Myth Busted + Easy Solutions



Let’s talk about pothos (Epipremnum Aureum) – those lovely indoor plants that add a touch of green to any space. While they need humidity to thrive, they’re tough and can adapt to different environments.

Some folks suggest misting them with water to keep the air around them moist and happy. But is it actually doing anything worthwhile?

Watering Is More Important Than Pothos Misting

Watering your pothos is super important because it gives it the hydration it needs to grow healthy roots and thrive. 

Why People Think They Need to Mist Pothos

If the humidity is too low, the plant will lose too much  water through its stomata,  which it can’t afford to do. So, plant parents think they need to mist pothos to meet the plants’ needs, But, maintaining the proper humidity levels is really what is needed for your plant’s well-being.

Grouping Plants Can Help

Gathering plants together can also help slightly increase the humidity levels in a room. This is because plants release a small amount of moisture into the air when they transpire.

Skip Misting Your Pothos, Put Them In The Bathroom

Moving your pothos into a bathroom can be like moving into a greenhouse. And, since pothos like humidity, it will smile with each steaming hot shower or bath, especially during the dry months of winter in cold climates.

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