Seth Peterson / Frank Lloyd Wright Cottage in Lake Delton, Wi



This Frank Lloyd Wright cottage was built in 1958 and is only 880 square feet. Situated within Mirror Lake State Park outside Lake Delton, Wisconsin. Available year-round through the state park as a rental.

The cottage possesses a monumentality that is surprising in such a small structure. With the ability to boil down the essence of FLW’s design philosophy.

History of the Seth Peterson Cottage

Seth Peterson grew up in Black Earth, Wisconsin. With an early love for Frank’s work. Being close enough to Wright’s aliesin, he frequently visited the property for concerts. The visits further developed the obsession with Frank Lloyd Wright’s work.

Good Luck Turns Bad

The Frank Lloyd Wright, Seth Peterson cottage plans were completed in April 1959. He liked the plans presented and began to hire laborers to construct the Usonian-style square hand-made sandstone, Douglas fir, and cedar roof shingles.

The Cottage Unfinished

After Seth’s tragic death, the cottage was purchased by a Milwaukee family. Bringing the project to completion, but not up to FLW standards.

Restoration Begins

Around the same time, another woman named Joyce Kult wrote an article in Milwaukee Journal Sentinel about the cabin. Stating its condition and enticing interest in restoration. It was in the perfect position on the land, “like a headstone.”

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