Senecio Barbertonicus: Care Guide + 8 Mistakes to Avoid (Succulent Bush Senecio)



If you’re looking for a hardy, an easy-to-grow succulent that can tolerate a wide range of conditions, the Senecio barbertonicus, or “succulent bush Senecio,” is a great choice.

This plant does not store water in its leaves like normal succulents, despite its common name. However, it is still a drought-tolerant plant that can survive long periods without water.

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Senecio Barbertonicus Care Guide

Potting & Soil

The first step is to find a  wide and shallow pot rather than deep. This will help prevent the roots from becoming waterlogged. Use a potting mix that is specifically for cacti and succulents.


- Water Your Plant When the Soil Is Dry - Use Lukewarm Water - Let the Water Drain Away Completely - Avoid Getting Water on the Leaves - Don’t Water Your Plant Too Often

How to Propagate Senecio  Barbertonicus

- Stem Cuttings - Leaf Cuttings - Use Offsets

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