Scale on Pothos Plants: 6 Ways to Eliminate & How to Prevent



We will explore the world of scale insects, why Pothos are so attractive to them, and effective methods for eliminating them if you find scale on pothos plants.

With some knowledge and diligent care, you can ensure that your Pothos plants thrive, free from these unwelcome invaders.

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6 Steps to Get Rid of Scale on Pothos Plants

Manual Extraction

For minor infestations, you can individually remove the insects from the plant. Use a soft cloth or cotton swab soaked in rubbing alcohol or a blend of water and gentle liquid soap.



If pests have extensively infested the plant, cutting away the affected leaves and stems might be necessary. Be sure to sanitize your trimming tools between cuts to avoid spreading the infestation.


Insecticidal Soaps

Insecticidal soaps are a secure and efficient remedy for insects on plants. Mix a solution following the manufacturer’s guidelines and spray the impacted areas. Make sure to treat the undersides of leaves, where insects frequently conceal themselves.


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