Sapphire Olive Egger: The Friendly Chicken That Lays Green Eggs



Sapphire Olive Egger chickens produce beautiful olive-colored eggs – sometimes over 200 per year! However, you won’t always find these egglayers for sale in hatcheries.

Want to add these olive orbs to your eggscape? Here’s the scoop on the new bird in the coop.

How to Hatch Sapphire Olive Egger Chickens

To get a Sapphire Olive Egger, the most reliable route is to cross-breed a Sapphire Gem (also known as a Blue Plymouth Rock) with an Easter Egger (also known as an Ameraucana) or Aracuana.


The exact temperament will vary depending on the breeds of the parents. So if you want to be sure your chicken has a pleasant disposition, you might want to breed your own Olive Eggers.


In general, Sapphire Olive Eggers tend to exhibit bluish-gray feathers. Sapphire Olive Egger hens have a small tuft of feathers on their head, with darker necks. Their lower body plumage features dark and smoky grays.

Egg Laying

Sapphire Olive Eggers start  to lay beautiful olive eggs at  the young age of five months old. Once they start, they will  lay three to four eggs a week –over 200 per year!

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