Rootbound Pothos: 5 Major Signs & How to Fix + Prevent



Rootbound is a common issue affecting many plants, including Pothos. When a plant becomes root bound, its roots have outgrown their pot and tangled together, preventing them from accessing water and nutrients efficiently.

We’ll help you identify and treat rootbound Pothos and how to prevent it from happening in the first place.

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5 Signs and Symptoms of Rootbound Pothos

Unhealthy Leaves

When your plant is root-bound, the leaves might be smaller than usual, have yellow blotches, seem pale green, or even fall off. This condition can occur due to a lack of nutrients reaching the leaves, as the crowded roots cannot absorb enough from the soil.


Stunted Growth

Root-bound pothos plants can also experience stunted growth. The crowded roots may struggle to absorb nutrients, leading to smaller leaves and fewer new growths. If left untreated, the plant might never reach its full potential.


More Visible Roots

If you notice roots growing out of the drainage holes in the bottom of the pot or the plant seems “stuck,” it’s time to repot your plant. Allowing the roots to grow this way will only aggravate the situation and may eventually kill your plant.


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