Repotting Pothos: When & How to Repot Your Plant: Like a Pro



Pothos plants, or Devil’s Ivy (Epipremnum aureum), are resilient and one of the easiest houseplants, but they do need to be repotted every one to three years. 

If you give your plant a new home regularly, you may be able to fix or prevent the following three problems that can happen to your Pothos when repotting is overdue.

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When It’s Time for Repotting Pothos: 3 Signs

The Plant Is Root-Bound

As roots grow within a pot, they spread out, searching for minerals and water to absorb. With time, the roots take up more and more space within the pot and become crowded, limiting the amount of nutrients and water they can access.


The Soil Is Compacted

Another problem you may encounter is that the soil can become compacted, keeping it from having access to water or aeration.


Pests and Diseases

If the soil has been infested with insects or has root rot, your plant needs to be treated and repotted in fresh soil. You may or may not need a larger pot in this case.


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