Redefining Home Design: 5 Phenomenal, Pioneering Concepts Elevating the Future of Living Spaces! 



A new era of home design is upon us, as homeowners prioritize outdoor spaces and privacy, and kitchen islands take center stage.

Zillow’s recent data analysis reveals the top five home trends to watch in 2023, with a resurgence in mirrored walls and a return to closed floor  plans making a surprising appearance.

Backyards Steal the Limelight

As the pandemic forced people outdoors, homeowners are now reevaluating the potential of their backyards as extensions of their homes. Expect to see more outdoor home gyms, natural pools and koi ponds, edible gardens, and dedicated spaces for dining and relaxation in 2023.


Kitchen Islands Evolve into Statement  Pieces

Kitchen islands are no longer just functional but evolving into statement pieces. With a 19% increase in listing mentions, these versatile hubs now accommodate various activities, from meal prep to dining and entertainment.


Mirrored Walls Make a Comeback

These reflective surfaces, often antiqued and applied in grids, can make small spaces feel larger while adding character and a chic Parisian vibe.


Privacy Reigns Supreme

Kitchen islands are no longer  just functional but evolving into statement pieces. With a 19% increase in listing mentions, these versatile hubs now accommodate various activities, from meal prep to dining and entertainment.


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