Rain Chains: What They Are + Why You Need One + How to Make Your Own



If you’re looking for an alternative to ugly downspouts, you might want to think about installing rain chains. Rain chains guide rainwater away from your house while also beautifying its exterior.

Whether you want to revamp your house’s exterior design or improve its functionality, read on to learn why rain chains will make a great addition to your home gutter system.

Purpose & Promise

Rain chains provide an attractive and functional alternative to gutter downspouts. Although you can certainly use rain chains in addition to using downspouts, rain chains typically replace downspouts, hanging vertically down to a water catch.

Why Rain Chains?

If you’re wondering why you would want to replace downspouts with rain chains, the simple answer is visual appeal. Downspouts are at best invisible and at worst an eyesore. Rain chains take the functionality of downspouts and add decorative flair.

Types of Rain Chains

- Link-Style: Traditional rain chains are a literal link of chains that hang vertically from your gutter. - Cup-Style: Cup-style rain chains work on the same design principle as link-style rain chains with the addition of small cups.

At the Bottom of the Rain Chain

- Basin - French Drain - Rain Barrels - Dry Creek Bed - Water Features

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