PSA to New Chicken Owners: Don’t Make the Same Mistakes She Did



A bit of free advice is nothing to cluck at. Especially when it comes to raising chickens for the first time.

TikToker @onlyfarmssabs recently offered a few chicken care tips for new chicken owners in hopes that you don’t make the same mistakes she did. We’ll explain her tips, and then offer eight more.

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The Must-Know Chicken Care Tips She Shared

Food for Flock

Before you can think about eating farm-fresh eggs, you need to think about what you’re feeding your chickens. In addition to high-quality chicken feed, there are two things in particular you should give to your feathered friends.

Coop Care

Chicken coops are messy. Excrement, food scraps, feather dust not to mention whatever material your girls are using as bedding. Regular coop cleaning is necessary to prevent unwanted guests such as rats and diseases from joining your hens.

8 More Chicken Care Tips

1. Safety First: Beware of Predators  2. Chickens: the Social Butterflies 3. Routine Health Checks:  a Must-Do 4. Eggstra Care for Those Eggs

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