Pothos Trailing: How to Get Your Pothos to Trail Faster



If you want to create a rustic cottage look in your home, trailing plants are for you! One of the easiest and low-maintenance houseplants to do this with is Pothos. Its fast-growing vines will soon take over your furniture and walls.

But what if your Pothos doesn’t seem to trail, or  it’s simply not looking  how you want it to? Encouraging your Pothos trailing is effortless once you give it the right care and conditions.

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 7 Ways: How to Get Pothos to Trail Faster

Your Pothos Well-Hydrated

To grow and thrive, all plants require ample amounts of water. When you give your Pothos too little water, its leaves may curl, turn yellow, and eventually stop growing.


Give Your Pothos Plenty of Light

When you place your Pothos in low light conditions, it will not be able to create enough energy to grow well. This is why you often see low variegation, small new leaves, and leggy stems on Pothos in dark corners.


Encourage Trailing With Pruning

When cutting your Pothos, cut right below a leaf node. A node is the thick, dense part of the stem where aerial roots grow. It’s also where the new leaf will sprout! You can use the cut ends of the trailing vines for propagating!


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