Pothos Sunburn: 7 Steps to Save Your Sunburned Plant

Pothos is often recommended for houseplant beginners due to its hard-to-kill nature. But it can still get sunburnt and die.

You might think pothos sunburn only has to do with the lighting, but you’ll also need to look at some other factors for your plant to recover.

Saving Your Pothos From Sunburn

You want to mimic its natural habitat by providing indirect sunlight. Avoiding prolonged direct sun.


Of the 21 different pothos varieties, there are some minor differences in the lighting. So be sure to check your cultivar and adjust lighting accordingly.


You’ll want to remove the burnt pothos leaves. As the dead leaves will not recover and look healthy again.


Use your finger to check soil moisture to a depth of 2-3″ inches, or use a moisture meter to probe deeper.

Soil Check

Still getting yellow leaves and brown spots? It could be other problems.


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