Pothos Pruning 101: Simple Guide to Trimming Pothos Plants



If you love plants but don’t have a big budget for them, you might want to consider purchasing a trusty pothos. Known to the scientific world as Epipremnum aureum, this indoor plant is prolific and easy-growing.

Although pruning is something you’ll need to know for proper plant care, don’t worry, we’ll teach you everything you need to know about pothos pruning.

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How to Prune Pothos Houseplants: a Step-by-Step Guide

Sterilize Pruners

You can remove pothos leaves by hand. But using a knife, pruning shears, or sharp scissors will give you the tidiest cut. Once you’ve selected your pruning tool, sterilize the shears by wiping them with 70-100% isopropyl alcohol.


Inspect the Leaves

The next step is deciding where on the plant you want to cut. The best cut location depends on what you hope the pruning will achieve.


Find the Nodes

Once you’ve selected the general area of the pothos you want to prune, you need to find the node. The leaf node is a small brown bump on the stem. It is the point from which new leaves and new stems grow.


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