Pothos N Joy vs. Pearls and Jade: 7 Differences + Care Tips



There are a number of beautiful varieties of Epipremnum aureum, aka Pothos or Devil’s Ivy. Some have all-green leaves, like Neon Pothos, but most have numerous patterns and colors of variegation.

N’ Joy and Pearls and  Jade are two of the very popular variegated  cultivars, and they are so similar that it’s easy to get them confused. We’ll sort out the differences here so that it will be easier to tell them apart.

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7 Differences Between N’ Joy and Pearls and Jade

Pothos N Joy vs. Pearls and Jade: Leaf  shape

Pothos N’ Joy: 2” long and 1.5” wide, oval or heart-shaped leaves; or sometimes deltoid. Pothos Pearls and Jade: 2”-3” long and 1.5”-2” wide; elongated heart-shaped leaves.

Pothos N Joy vs. Pearls and Jade: Leaf  tip

Pothos N’ Joy: Pointed with a wide angle; stubby tip. Pothos Pearls and Jade: Pointed with a narrow angle; sharp tip.

Pothos N Joy vs. Pearls and Jade: Leaf coloration/variegation

Pothos N’ Joy: Multiple shades of green over the midrib; edges often white; areas of green and white or cream distinct; no splashes of green within the white or cream. Pothos Pearls and Jade: Greener than N’ Joy; multiple marbling and splashing of green shades and yellow-green  within the white variegation.

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