Pothos N Joy: Care & ID Guide

Pothos N Joy is a tropical houseplant with gorgeous white and green variegated foliage. And as you’ve probably guessed, it’s fun and easy to care for.

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After all, how often do you come across a plant that literally has the word ‘enjoy’ in its name? Compared to other pothos varieties, the NJoy has one unusual trait: it grows very, very slowly.

History of  Pothos N Joy

This variety was discovered by plant breeder Ashish Arvind Hansoti in 2002 in a commercial greenhouse in Mumbai, India.

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The plant was a naturally-occurring mutation of the Marble Queen pothos.  It had shorter leaf internodes and, unlike the parent plant, it had distinct portions of white variegation rather than marbling.

After its discovery, it was propagated through cuttings for 25 generations to ensure that the new leaf patterns and shape were stable.  The plant was then patented in 2009 under the name NJOY.

Lighting Requirements:  Pothos NJoy needs bright indirect light to maintain its variegation.  If you keep it in low light, the leaves will gradually revert to green and become smaller.

Soil The ideal soil mix for the Pothos NJoy should be aerated, well-draining, and moisture-retentive. You can get great results by combining equal parts peat-based potting mix and perlite or pumice.

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