Pothos Light Needs: What Your Plant Needs to Thrive*

While they can adapt to a range of lighting conditions, there are some essential factors to consider when it comes to providing pothos with the right amount of light.

This guide will teach you about pothos light requirements and what types of light these plants need.

The Importance of Light for Pothos

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Pothos are tropical plants native to the forests of Southeast Asia, where they receive dappled sunlight filtered through the canopy of taller trees.


When cultivated indoors, though, these plants need enough light in order to photosynthesize and generate the energy they require to grow and thrive.


Without sufficient light, Pothos plants become leggy and weak and may even stop growing altogether, and with direct sunlight, their leaves can scorch.


A window with direct morning light for 3-4 hours a day will work, but avoid intense, direct afternoon light unless it is covered with blinds or a sheer curtain.

How Much

If your pothos does not receive the necessary amount of light, it may stretch toward the closest light source.


Different pothos varieties may have other light requirements. Variegated varieties will need brighter light to reach their full-color potential.


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