Pothos Leaves Turning Yellow: 10 Causes & How to Fix Them



Pothos enjoys a well-deserved reputation for being a low-maintenance houseplant. It’s easy to grow in any home, it tolerates a bit of neglect, and it’s the best plant to start with as a beginner gardener.

But even this hardy plant can suffer if its growing requirements are not met. And the first sign of an unhappy pothos is its leaves turning yellow. We will explain the ten most common reasons why pothos leaves turn yellow and what to do in each case.


Overwatering is the number one cause for pothos leaves turning yellow. It’s an easy mistake to make because pothos is a tropical plant, so you would think it needs a lot of water to survive.


Pothos can be very forgiving if you forget to water it for a couple of days. But if the plant goes without water for too long, especially in a bright, dry room, the leaves will gradually turn yellow.

Root Rot

Root rot is the most common disease for pothos plants. It is caused by several species in the Phytophthora and Rhizoctonia genus.

Nutrient Deficiency

Like all potted plants, pothos needs regular feeding throughout the growing season. If the soil is poor in nutrients, its growth will become stunted, and the plant will eventually die.

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