Pothos in Water: Growing Big Plants That Can Live Forever



If you are looking to find a fast-growing, easy-care plant, you will need to look no further than pothos, otherwise known as Devil’s Ivy. 

And did you know that these beautiful vines can be grown in water apart from soil? Growing pothos in water is exciting, as you can see the roots grow right in front of you!

So, It’s True: Pothos Can Grow in Water?

Yes! Pothos, or ‘Epipremnum Aureum,’ can be grown in water easily. With the proper care, your pothos can flourish and thrive when grown in plain old water.

Why Grow Pothos in Water vs. Soil

Many houseplant owners like the appeal of growing their plants in water rather than soil. The main reason is that growing plants in water is less messy, and through clear-glass containers, you can see what’s going on with the roots of your houseplants.

2 Methods for Growing Pothos in Water

- Grow Pothos Cuttings in Water - Transition Soil-Grown Pothos to Water

How to Care for Pothos Grown in Water

- Fertilizer and Oxygen - Light - Temperature - Ph and Repotting

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