Pothos Has Brown Stems: 7 Causes, How to Prevent & Fixing



Pothos plants, being one of the easiest-to-care-for houseplants on the market, may seem indestructible. 

But, like all other plants, Pothos can suffer from issues. Even if you have the best intentions for your plant, you may find that it is developing brown stems.

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Why Are Your Pothos Stems Turning Brown? 7 Possible Causes

Your Pothos Is Overwatered

Your Pothos needs water to survive. Water is essential, as it brings nutrients and moisture into the stems and leaves. However, too much water can cause problems for your houseplants.


Your Pothos Is Underwatered

Similar to overwatering, underwatered pothos can develop brown leaves and stems. Other symptoms of underwatering include curling, yellow leaves, wilting foliage, leaf loss, and in severe cases, dry, crispy leaves. 


Your Pothos Is Sick

Pothos are susceptible to many fungal or bacterial diseases, such as bacterial leaf spot, blight, or root rot. These diseases will be more present in plants in bad health due to over- or underwatering or neglect.


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