Pothos Growing Small Leaves? How to Fix in 6 Simple Steps



In the wild, pothos plants display incredible, large heart-shaped leaves. Unfortunately, indoors, these plants produce smaller leaves. But you can still do a few things to encourage big leaf growth.

Want to increase your footprint? Then, check  out this guide on how to  fix small leaves on pothos plants.

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6 Steps to Fixing a Pothos Growing Small Leaves

Adjust Light Levels

Pothos plants can survive in low light conditions. But if you want to increase pothos leaf size, try to meet the plant’s sunlight preferences.


Keep a Consistent Watering Schedule

Plants need water to survive. But too much water can be just as harmful as too little. So when you’re watering houseplants such as pothos, consistency is vital.


Apply Fertilizer

If you are growing pothos in a pot, it will only have access to the nutrients in that container. Like all plants, pothos plants use their roots to absorb nutrients through the soil. So over time, that soil will run out of nutrients if you don’t replenish them.


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