Pothos Fertilizer: Best Way to Turn Your Plant Into a Beauty



Fertilizing your pothos once a month with a balanced fertilizer is enough to help them grow faster and stay healthy. You can use many fertilizer types for this plant, and you can go for something synthetic or organic, store-bought or homemade.

However, you’ll also need to adjust how much fertilizer you give your pothos based on your indoor growing conditions and ensure you don’t accidentally overfeed your plant.

Kinds of Fertilizer for Pothos

Pothos (Epipremnum) plants require three primary nutrients to live: nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus. These macronutrients promote root and leaf growth and help the plant with vital processes such as photosynthesis and water intake.

Types of Pothos Fertilizer You Can Use

Liquid fertilizers are your best option for pothos. They’re cheap, versatile, and easy to use. Solid fertilizers come in several forms, including spikes, pellets, pods, and granules. Most of them are slow-release, so you don’t need to use them too often.

Best Fertilizer for Pothos: Organic vs. Synthetic Fertilizer

Both organic and synthetic fertilizers are suitable for your pothos. What matters most is that you use them correctly. 

Is Foliar Fertilizer Good Plant Food for Pothos?

Foliar fertilizers are liquid fertilizers that you can spray on plant leaves. Your pothos will absorb the nutrients through the microscopic pores on its foliage.

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