Pothos Dying? Reasons Why + How to Revive & Save Your Plant



If you are a beginner houseplant parent, pothos is an excellent choice. Also known as devil’s ivy, pothos is an attractive and prolific vining plant. Best of all, pothos plants are difficult – though not impossible – to kill.

With proper care, pothos plants can live up to ten years indoors. But maybe you struggle to keep even the hardiest houseplants alive.

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10 Reasons for Pothos Dying

Root Rot

– Roots appear brown or black. – Dark lesions have formed on the roots. – The roots have a slimy, mushy texture. – Soil smells like decay or rotten eggs.



– Leaves turn yellow. – Limp or droopy leaves. – The saucer the pot stands on is full of water. – There is excess water in the pot. – See also the signs of root rot.


Fungal Infection

– Foliage turns black or brown. – Lesions can develop on roots, stems, and leaves. – See also the signs of root rot.


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