Plant That Looks Like a Hummingbird: Green Birdflower

Not so very long ago, the Internet was once the domain of cats – cute, cuddly, or grumpy. But now the people click for plants.

Amongst the succulents and pothos, a little-known shrub called the Crotalaria cunninghamii recently blossomed into popularity.

Let’s take a closer look at the green birdflower plant. 

The green birdflower is an upright shrub that grows up to three meters tall. It produces greenish-gray leaves on thin, velvety branches.

From certain angles, these flowers resemble the shape of a hummingbird. The “beak” occurs where the flower meets the stem.

The genus Crotalaria gets its name from the Greek word for rattle, reflecting the sound that the seeds make when the wind rustles the pods.

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