Plant Showdown: The Manjula Pothos vs. Marble Queen Pothos



Manjula Pothos and Marble Queen Pothos belong to the Epipremnum Aureum species and family Araceae. Their unique leaf patterns and low-maintenance care requirements make them very popular.

We will compare two beloved types – Manjula Pothos vs. Marble Queen, their appearance, care requirements, propagation methods, and everything that will make your choice a bit easier.

Appearance: How the Two Are Different

Manjula Pothos, also known as Happy Leaf Pothos, is recognizable by its large, heart-shaped leaves. You can recognize Marble Queen Pothos by its impressive marble-like variegation, which gives the plant its name.

Growth Habit

The Manjula Pothos has a moderate growth pace indoors, with vines reaching lengths of up to 6-10 feet (1.8-3 meters). It has a more compact growth habit than the Marble Queen. 

Plant Care Requirements: Manjula Pothos vs. Marble Queen

Pothos plants are famous for their low-maintenance nature. That makes them perfect for experienced and novice plant enthusiasts. 

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