Plant Pro Speaks Up: Gimmicky Self-Watering Pots Are Ruining The Houseplant Hobby



If you’re looking for an easy solution to your watering woes, you may have stumbled upon products that promise to take the work out of keeping your plants hydrated: self-watering pots.

But TikTok gardener @tannertheplanter cautions against these containers. Why? Self-watering pots can actually give your plants too much water.

Water Water Everywhere

The roots will attempt to “drink” water as long as it’s available. Overwatering plants can lead to root rot, fungal infections, pest infestations, and more undesirable consequences.

How Often Should You Water Plants?

Different plants will require different amounts of water and myriad factors such as sunlight, soil quality, pot size, temperature, and humidity can all influence your plant’s water needs.

Alternatives to Self-Watering Pots

You could create an elaborate regiment of reminders on your phone or download an app. But use these tools as guidelines rather than hard and fast watering rules.

Instead, approach each plant on its own terms. This will involve researching the water requirements for your plants. It also involves paying attention to the physical plant and its surrounding soil.

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