Pink Princess Philodendron: Care Guide for This (In)Famous Houseplant



This guide will take a close look at the growing requirements for the Philodendron Pink Princess, try to untangle its history, troubleshoot common problems, and provide some valuable buying tips.

And, most importantly, answer two very pressing questions: why is the Pink Princess so expensive, and how do you keep its leaves pink?

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Philodendron Pink Princess Care Guide


Philodendron Pink  Princess needs bright indirect light to thrive. This will ensure that the plant produces lush, healthy leaves and, most importantly, preserve the pink color of the foliage.


Keep the soil of your Philodendron Pink Princess moist but not soaked. This plant does not tolerate drought, but it can quickly develop root rot if the soil is waterlogged.


Plant Philodendron Pink Princess in an aerated, well-draining, moisture-retentive soil mix. The ideal growing medium for this plant is a mix of 2 parts universal potting soil, 1 part perlite, and 1 part orchid bark.

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