Philodendron vs Pothos: Guide to Know The Plants Like a Pro

Even if your at-home office now looks like a tiny jungle, you probably haven’t collected every type of philodendron.

Approximately 450 species of this tropical plant exist worldwide. What’s more confusing?

Philodendrons look physically similar to pothos plants  How to Tell the Difference

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In perfect conditions, pothos plants produce new leaf and stem growth marginally faster than philodendrons.


Pothos plants have one large aerial root per node. Philodendrons have a tangle of several smaller aerial roots per node.


Features a noticeable difference. The pothos petiole has a grooved texture. The philodendron petiole is smooth.


Leaf shape can be a somewhat sneaky difference between a pothos and a philodendron.

Leaf Shape

The heart leaf philodendron- a leaf from this plant will most likely be thinner and smoother than a pothos leaf.


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