Pearls and Jade Pothos: The Plant Created by Gamma Radiation



Pearls and Jade is a pothos cultivar with small, variegated foliage and a compact, bushy shape. It takes its name from the lush display of pearl-white and jade-green leaves, which transform it into a luxurious houseplant centerpiece.

But don’t let the name fool you: this plant doesn’t  have high-end care requirements. Instead,  like all pothos, it’s low-maintenance and beginner-friendly.

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Pearls and Jade Pothos Care Guide


Pearl and Jade Pothos has moderate light requirements, but it will not grow well in low light. In addition, its variegated leaves produce less chlorophyll than pothos plants with green foliage.


Use a well-draining, airy, and nutrient-rich potting mix for this plant. For example, a mix of equal parts coco coir, perlite, and orchid bark would be ideal. But if you can’t find coir, swap it for peat moss or a universal potting mix.


This pothos variety  has moderate watering needs. However, due to its slow growth rate, you don’t need to water it too often. Simply use your finger to test the soil in the pot once a week.

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