Peach Fuzz Is the 2024 Color of the Year & How Pantone Revolutionized the World of Color



Imagine a world where the color of your favorite brand’s packaging changes with every purchase. Confusing, right?

In 2024, while Pantone’s “Peach Fuzz” is making headlines as the color of the year, the real story lies in how Pantone sells not just colors but a promise of uniformity.

The Birth of a Color Revolution

In 1956, Lawrence Herbert, a young chemistry graduate, joined Pantone, then a modest printing company. He quickly identified a major problem in the industry: inconsistent color reproduction.

The Color System

Fast forward 67 years, and Pantone has developed over 10,000 colors. But what Pantone really sells is the intellectual property of their color system. This system ensures that color remains consistent, whether it’s on a ceramic mug or a billboard. 

The Rigorous Process Behind Color Consistency

Pantone’s dedication to color consistency is crucial in a world where brand identity hinges on visual perception. Their meticulous quality control, employing tools like spectrophotometers, ensures each color precisely matches its designated index.

The Economics of  Color

While Pantone’s color guides, costing anywhere from $260 for Peach Fuzz and higher, are a significant revenue source, the company’s scope extends further.

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