Overwatered Palm Tree? 7 Signs + How to Save Your Plant



Bring the feel of the tropics to your home with a gorgeous indoor palm tree. From the striking Kentia palms to the majestic majesty palms and the elegant parlor palms, there’s a variety to suit every style.

If you suspect your indoor palm tree has suffered from overwatering, there’s still hope. You can bring your plant back to its full beauty by following our guide.

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The 7 Signs of an Overwatered Palm Tree

Yellowing Leaves

Wet yellow palm leaves signify that you may be overwatering your palm trees. Excess water can lead to nutrient deficiencies in the root system, causing the leaves to turn yellow.


Brown Leaf Tips and Leaves

While some browning of leaves is usual as plants mature, if you see brown tips or fronds after yellowing, it’s time to review your watering schedule.


Droopy Leaves

Excess water disrupts air circulation in the root system, reducing the amount of oxygen the plant needs to thrive. This, in turn, weakens the root system and causes the leaves to droop.


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