No Garden Space? No Problem- Create a Thriving Garden With a Kiddie Pool Planter



Are you eager to grow your plant collection but don’t have enough garden space? Well, this hack is for you!

A woman on TikTok shares an ingenious hack for repurposing a kiddie pool into a container garden. Get ready to witness the transformation.

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Transforming a Kiddie Pool Into a DIY Container Garden: Maximizing Space for Greenery

Step 1: Creating Proper Drainage

Our woman recommends spacing the holes approximately 12 inches apart across the entire bottom of the pool. It’s also essential to create additional holes on the sides to improve drainage.

Step 2: Lining for Optimum Garden Conditions

Ensure the lining fits tightly within the pool, covering the entire circumference. This step sets the stage for a successful container garden.

Step 3: Creating Proper Drainage

With the kiddie pool prepared, it’s time to fill it with soil and fertilizer. Gently compact the soil with your hand to create a firm and stable base, providing a solid foundation for your plants to grow.

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