Nature’s Sunblock? Learn the Many Benefits of Kalawalla Herb



This unique plant has a rich tradition of use for native peoples, and these uses are being investigated in modern research.

We’ll uncover just what this research is discovering and explore the promising possibilities of this herb as one of nature’s best skin healing remedies.

What Is Kalawalla Herb?

Kalawalla, locally known as calaguala or samambaia, is a tropical fern in the Polypodiaceae family, the largest of the fern families. In the nursery industry, it’s known as Blue Star Fern.

Traditional Uses

In the Honduran tradition, the ancient Mayans would drink kalawalla tea decoction as a blood purifier. This plant was part of their daily diet and highly revered for its medicinal value.

Modern Benefits and Uses

– Alterative – Anti-carcinogenic – Anti-inflammatory – Antimicrobial – Antiviral – Diuretic – Immune modulation – Immune stimulant – Vulnerary

Kalawallas Skin Healing Benefits

Studies show that kalawalla has profound skin-healing effects, especially for vitiligo, melasma, atopic dermatitis, and psoriasis.

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