Mother of Thousands Plant: Guide to Care & Growing the Best Succulent



If you’re a plant lover who wants to add to your houseplant collection, Mother of Thousands will be a lovely addition. You can never go wrong with its attractive foliage and low-maintenance features.

Want to know more about this plant? Here’s a guide on how to grow Mother of Thousands, from watering to soil and light.

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Caring for Mother of Thousands Plant


Indirect light is best  suited for the Mother of Thousands. Exposing the  plant to direct sunlight can  lead to leaf scorch. Let your potted plant face eastward or southward to receive bright light which isn’t scorching.


As a drought-tolerant plant, Mother of Thousands needs to be hydrated often, especially when it’s in the growing stage.


Mother of Thousands does not require regular fertilizer for growth. Depending on the soil condition or plant, you can apply fertilizer once a month or once in three months, and you should do this in its growing stage.

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