Moon Valley Pilea: 101 Plant Care Guide



Moon Valley Pilea is an eye-catching little houseplant, also known as Moon Valley Friendship Plant or Artillery Plant (Pilea mollis ‘Moon Valley’). It’s a member of the Nettle family, but don’t worry, it doesn’t sting like its cousins and is non-toxic and pet-friendly.

From time to time,  clusters of tiny, pinkish-white flowers bloom in the leaf axils, and the plant stretches out stiffly from its pot onto my kitchen windowsill, begging to be trimmed and propagated.

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Care For Your Moon Valley Pilea Plant


This little guy is native to  the rainforests of Central  and South America, where it grows on the forest floor as an understory plant. It receives dappled sunlight and rarely, if ever, direct sun that would burn its tender leaves.

Temperature & Humidity

Average household temperatures of 65 to 80 degrees F are perfect for the plant as long as it’s not in hot or cold drafts like from a heating vent, air conditioner, or winter window.


Pileas do best in rich, peaty, well-draining soil. I use an African Violet potting mix and always add some perlite to the soil to ensure good drainage.

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