Money Tree Meaning: What Does This Chinese Plant Mean + Symbolism



The money tree plant is one of those great plants that stand out with their look, and it also has a significant meaning behind it. Many people don’t know that the money tree is a combination of multiple Pachira Aquatica trees braided together as they grow.

If you have a braided money tree plant, it can be anywhere from 1 to 8 feet tall when you keep it inside, which is quite tall compared to other indoor plants. Let’s dive into money tree meaning and symbolism.

When Did the  Money Tree Become Popular?

Many people think that this plant has been around for quite some time. That’s not exactly the case here. The plant was first cultivated in Taiwan during the 1980s by a truck driver. 

Money Tree Plant Spiritual Meaning

People associate this plant with strength, power, richness, and much fortune. It’s also why the braided stem is very popular worldwide, and Pachira symbolizes things like wealth, happiness, and good energy.

Is the Money Tree Plant Lucky?

It can be difficult to measure just how much luck a plant can bring to an owner. However, tradition shows that people with a money tree tend to succeed more.

Money Tree Meaning as a Gift

If you choose to share  the money tree as a gift, you’re gifting another person good  luck and the chance to have more riches and achieve success in their projects.

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