Millennials Are Slamming 1994 Movie- Ace Ventura: Pet Detective



One such movie that has not aged well is the 1994 comedy “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective,” starring Jim Carrey as a zany pet investigator in Miami.

While the film was a massive hit and launched Carrey’s career, it has come under scrutiny for its offensive portrayal of the LGBTQ+ community and mental illness.

One particularly troubling scene in the movie involves the discovery that a character named Ray Finkle, who has been portrayed as a man throughout the film, is actually transgender and now goes by the name Lois Einhorn.

When Ace Ventura  discovers this, he reacts with disgust and queer panic, leading to a series of distasteful and offensive scenes. These include vomiting, showering multiple times, and crying to the song “The Crying Game” while naked in the shower.

The film also includes jokes about mental illness and animal cruelty, with Ace Ventura posing as a person with a mental health condition in order to infiltrate a mental hospital in search of Finkle.

Even Jim Carrey has acknowledged that the movie would not be made today, and many, including transgender celebrities, have called out its inappropriate content.

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