Mastering the Art of Baby Rubber Plant Care: 101 Beginner’s Guide



Peperomias are native to Florida, Mexico, and islands of the Caribbean. They are members of Piperaceae, the pepper family, famous for the black pepper spice, and not to be confused with sweet or hot capsicum peppers that are members of Solanaceae, a different plant family.

This Peperomia species (and there are many) is a short-trailing perennial plant with deep green, waxy leaves and fleshy reddish stems that snap easily.

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Caring For Baby Rubber Plant


Peperomias need bright,  indirect light to grow their best. They are adaptable and can grow in medium light, but they need bright light out of the direct sun to thrive.


Since Peperomias are subtropical and tropical plants, they prefer warm temperatures of 65 to 85 degrees F, within the average household temperature range.


Baby Rubber Plants love humidity – lots of it. On a windowsill, you can increase the humidity by keeping it alongside other plants and setting it on a pebble tray with water, carefully keeping the bottom of the pot above the water line.

Soil and Pot

Your plant isn’t fussy about the type of soil it grows in as long as it’s loose, well-draining, and slightly acidic. A good quality indoor potting mix will do fine when amended with some peat and perlite, and you can also mix your own with two parts peat to one part perlite.

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