Manjula Pothos vs. N’Joy – Which One Will Win Your Heart?



With over 20 varieties, finding a household without at least one of the available beautiful Pothos (Epipremnum Aureum) types is difficult. However, you may need clarification as some Pothos plants look very similar!

A great example of two Pothos varieties that share many of the same characteristics is the  Pothos Manjula and the Pothos N’Joy. However, there are a couple of distinct differences  when comparing Manjula pothos vs. N’Joy.

Similarities Between Them

The N’ Joy Pothos and Manjula Pothos are very similar in how they look and grow, making it challenging to keep them apart. Some common traits are their genus, colors, and leaf shapes.

Decoding & Understanding the Taxonomy

Pothos Manjula and N’Joy belong to the genus Epipremnum Aureum and are a part of the Araceae family. Pothos plants have stunning vines with green foliage and are incredibly low-maintenance.

From Southeast Asia to Cultivation: The Fascinating Origin Story

The Pothos genus is native to Southeast Asia, but did you know that the Pothos N Joy and Majula do not occur in the wild? Njoy is a cultivar of the Marble Queen Pothos and was created in Mumbai, India.

The Beauty of White Variegation

Both the Pothos N-joy and Manjula have white variegated leaves. But they are not the only Pothos cultivars with patches of white on their foliage.

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